Is Python a good pick for machine learning projects?

Today, many companies invest in developing innovative web apps driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence that are based on unique ideas and solutions. But it’s not only the underlying ideas, but the technologies used that play a key role in your app’s success story.

Python seems to be the top pick for such projects and it has stayed unrivaled for several years now, leaving R and similar alternatives far behind.

Why you’ll love Python

First, with Python being the most popular language for ML projects, you’ll find much more talent around ready to join in your project and start contributing.

Second, since it’s a general-purpose language, even your non-coding specialists can learn basic concepts, which will surely simplify the communications between coders and other departments within your company.

Third, Python boasts a robust community that has already developed a large number of libraries and frameworks. Thus, you’ll be able to find ready-to-use solutions for most of the standard coding-related problems you have to tackle in your GTM journey.