How to pick a team for machine learning project?

Today, we are living through the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning with development teams rushing to launch all kinds of web applications, empowered by AI and ML underlying solutions. But setting up a team of developers is harder than ever due constantly growing demand for data science talent from businesses like yours.

One of the things you can do in order to simplify your efforts to recruit the team is picking Python as your major tool.

Why picking Python makes sense?

First, it’s the most popular programming language for ML and data science overall. Thus, you’ll get a pretty big pool of available talent.

Second, your team will be able to launch an MVP in minimum time, enabling you to start pitching to investors earlier.

Third, it’s an extremely easy-to-learn general purpose programming language, which enables even non-coding specialists to pick up some basic things fast and liaison with the development team in a more efficient and effective manner.

Your machine learning project can be a big thing, but only if your pick the right kind of tech and start building the team based on your tech requirements and not the other way around.