When is Python the right choice for your webdev project?


Today, web development agencies are trying to pitch various technology stacks for web apps. For instance, PHP, Ruby on Rails, etc. It’s possible that these technologies can sometimes be the best pick for your project, but whenever you envision the use of machine learning solutions inside your app, Python is really the only option you have.

Python as part of your stack

And Python plays nice with other technologies in your stack. It’s frequent for web development agencies to build out the underlying architecture in Python and place JS-empowered solutions on the front-end layer, enabling high UX and UI for their visitors

There’s a lot of talk about R actually being better for statistics-focused calculations. However, you can easily hook up RPy2 package in order to leverage the major functionalities found only in R.

In addition to using Python for machine learning ops, you can deploy Django in order to build fully customizable online stores, coming with the internal admin panel that will make it easy for you to make changes throughout the website’s life term.