What’s the best language for machine learning projects?

The machine learning projects start to leverage the narrow AI in order to deliver unseen capabilities for end users. This makes them a great new niche to explore. But many teams pick the wrong technologies and eventually fail to successfully move through the Death Valley.

We’re convinced that the only way forward in 2019 for your machine learning project is building on top of Python.

3 reasons why you should pick Python as your core component

First, it’s extremely easy to learn as it’s a general-purpose language, which means that even the non-coding specialists will be able to pick up basic skills here, helping them to better liaison with the development team.

Second, Python accelerates prototyping processes, making it easier to produce an MVP and start pitching to investors for additional financing.

Third, you can use the language not just for data science tasks but also for building out your app’s UI, turning the overall development process into a more cohesive and effective experience.