What’s the best language for AI projects?

If you are looking to launch an AI-powered web app, now is the best time to do that. But it’s extremely important to pick the best technologies that will enable you to move fast and rush around competitors’ GTM strategies.

Python should be at the core of your development stack. And here’s why.

Why you should build up around Python?

First, it’s the most popular programming language for AI projects like yours, which means that you’ll benefit from the biggest pool of talent here, ready to be tapped.

Second, it’s a general-purpose language, which means that you can set up both core AI capabilities and UI architecture, avoiding the need to use any other tech solutions. In comparison, R, being the biggest competitor to Python, is a purely statistics-focused language and will limit your capabilities to create a seamless architecture for your app.

Third, Python boasts robust integration capabilities, playing nice with all other major technologies you might want to use, including JS, PHP and others.