5 popular websites built with Django

Django is a very high-level web development framework that is coded in Python programming language and which makes for clean design and fast web development by Django developers.

Thus, Django primarily aims at easing the complex development of data-driven websites. Django framework strictly adheres to the “Don’t Repeat Yourself” principle by its ability to ensure reusability of components. The “Don’t Repeat Yourself” principle is aimed at the reduction of information repetitions of all kinds and as such, makes room for the update of any system element, without altering other existing, logically-unrelated items.

Django makes use of MVC, that is, model view controller method, which means that developers in Django practically have complete separation of display logic, programming and data structure. The brilliant inheritance-based templating system of Django framework stands it out amount other languages as makes it easy for nesting templates by using many other templates for diverse parts of the website, thereby removing redundancy in template code. It usually gives joy, working with Django templating system.

Django controls a great productive community and a quality product which improves its reliability and popularity. Django enables you to express yourself with some lines of code. Many of the famous sites today make use of Django. When you create a website as a Django developer, you are required to work with the same components as: the user dashboard, file uploading and downloading, and account creation and login, and so on. If there are all the same, you can make them very easy and also reduce the cost of development by using the web framework that appeared on the scene as a set of components that are designed to aid website creation.

Notwithstanding the atmosphere you work at, the important thing of all is having a fast and good working website. Nowadays, all business organizations require a website for their everyday operations. It helps to promote the business, increase sales, and as well get more customers.

Advantages of Django

It is designed for Django developers to cover large website applications with a continuously increasing audience. Django also provides users with many choices to create a Python-based website app that will include various database supports (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL), administration functions, user dashboard and more.

Here are the popular websites that make use of Django. The Django website example includes the following:


This is one of the greatest Django website examples. Disqus allows for the analyzing activity of audience, discussion of options and the implementation of comment on your website and also in customizing ad serving. The Django framework has made the team have access to create not only sites quickly, but also to keep scaling for a large number of people that are new users. Disqus also uses some other frameworks apart from Django, but Django has superseded them all due to its fast-growing and numerous ready-to-do options.


Instagram, one of the fast-growing social networks is another popular Django website example. This is because it uses a huge amount of data and the user’s interactions in the various activities done on the site. With the use of Django, Instagram managers can be able to have control over all of this, in addition to benefitting from the ready-to-instruments which allows them to focus on UX and UI.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is a Python/Django website examples, visited by millions of users to check for videos, images, news, and podcasts that are provided by the premiere agency.it is built with Django. On this website, you also have access to watch live events on NASA TV. NASA also provides the visitors with some features like HD videos, picture of the day, and image galleries.
More so, a new user has the opportunity of checking out the different popular sites that make use of Django. The user can use any of the search engines of his choice to carry out this research and find out all those websites that are currently making use of the Django framework. He might probably visit DjangoSites.org to get information concerning the websites that operate their system with the use of Django. DjangoSites.org helps visitors that want to know more about Django websites to check out for over 5100 sites that use Django listed with it.


This Python/Django website example is the most popular and reliable cloud-based storage application for the storage of graphics, documents, videos, etc. It is built with Django. It gives you the ability to access any of your files anytime, anywhere from any device (when you log in) when you are on the internet. Django Python issued for backend and client desktop software. The use of Django in this website allows the developers the opportunity to include a user history option, add the file sharing option, and synchronize an account across different devices.


Eventbrite is another popular website that uses Django. It is a platform and a ticketing service that manages events. It was initially built with Python and in-house framework, but later it was changed to Django to handle the activities going on in the platform like the interaction volumes and the fast-growing audience. Eventbrite like some other sites that are built with Django can adjust the volumes of the audience and also provide the users with new updates constantly. Eventbrite is a place where you will see different kinds of events, purchase tickets, discussing the event and as well as promoting them. Eventbrite has received over 200 million funding since the date it was released, it has in so many ways helped people stay connected on the internet and organize a very successful event.
Django has become a perfect solution for both big companies and those starting up whose aim is to sell their products quickly and at an effective cost price. You can also look for more projects that were made successful with the use of Django. Using this framework (Django), you will not be able to create a good website, but as well upload it with new updates and features and also scale it for a large number of people.