Is Python a good pick for AI projects?

Within the last several years, Python has become an unrivaled leader as a programming language for AI-driven projects. Although some projects might win more from using R or even some other more exotic solutions, Python seems to be the best pick for real-life projects and not just research efforts.

3 reasons why Python rules the AI world

First, Python is extremely versatile, enabling the team to build not only the AI-empowered underlying architecture but also customer-facing UI structures as well.

Second, an abundance of highly specialised frameworks and libraries makes it possible to find the ready-to-use modules for most of the problems usually faced by data-science projects.

Third, it cuts down the time your team needs to prototype. In this way, you can be sure that you’ll roll out your MVP fast, enabling you to pitch to potential investors and accelerators.

All in all, your team will love using Python throughout the project’s life term. Subsequently, they will find it easy to make adjustments and upgrades to your web application after it has gone live.