Should you pick an outsource software dev agency or developer?

Today, you can engage both freelancers and agencies to help with your outsource software development projects. And both of these options are viable in certain settings. It all depends on what your needs actually are. Only after you’ve identified the scope of your future project, you will be able to make the right choice.

When an agency is the best pick?

First, you’ll need not only development services, but also long-term maintenance of your webdev project after it goes live.

Second, your project is complex and it requires a concerted effort from several highly specialised professionals, such as coders, designers, copywriters and SEO specialists. Only studios can facilitate this kind of collaboration for you.

Third, you want your project to complete as fast as possible and avoid dragging out the delivery periods for months on end since lone developers juggle multiple projects and will procrastinate.

As you can see, whenever you deal with bigger projects, you are generally better off with hiring an outsource web development agency that will cover all your needs regarding webdev. Although freelancers tend to charge less, you will surely pay many times over down the road.