How to pick outsource software development agency?

Today, there are thousands upon thousands of agencies and freelancers who can help meet your development needs. But it’s important to understand that only an outsourced development agency will be able to continue maintaining your project and adding new functionalities for years. Thus, we believe that you should always favor agencies over “lone-wolf” freelancers.

5 ways to compare webdev agencies

First, you need to trust the team doing the project for you. Talking with them and establishing good rapport get as important as ever. This will weed out a lot of non-communicative teams out there.

Second, base your judgments on the agency’s portfolio as it’s the best proof of the kind of work you can expect to receive from them.

Third, gauge the actual technical capabilities the developers have and assure that they will manage to deliver your project on time and in full compliance with your specifications. To do that, you might want to engage an external consultant because otherwise you won’t be able to evaluate those things on your own.