How to create a workout trainer app

The fever of mobile workout trainer app has invaded gym instructors. They understood that mobile technology can bring many benefits to every industry. Therefore, the creation of an application is now considered an essential point of the growth strategy of any gym organization. The belief that we cannot do without the mobile is so strong that even some instructors “invent” needs to justify the creation of a mobile workout trainer app.

Before starting to conquer the mobile market, you should know that creating a mobile workout trainer app is expensive. It is a long process that sometimes requires several months of work. In addition, some application ideas are not good.

So … are you sure you want to create a mobile workout trainer app? Answer these questions to check the relevance of your project. Do not cheat!


Why do you want to create an app?

One of the first things a person should do is choose the type of the future fitness trainer app and then think about the benefits to customers: what pains and needs this app will address, how this app differs from the competitors and many other factors that you also need to put into considerations.

Have you identified a real need for your fitness training that has encouraged you to create an app? Or maybe you realized that an application you were looking for simply does not exist? This means that you have found a gap in the market and it is very likely that your workout trainer app project will be successful.

However, there is also another type of instructors: those who “simply want to create a workout trainer app to take advantage of the mobile technology boom in the body development sector. They then strive to invent a service that allows them to conquer the market. These types of fitness instructors often end up, although not always, disappointed. Let’s not forget that it’s always an identified need, a real need, tested and proven with numbers that is a good start for creating a mobile workout trainer app.In this regard, you should also know that investors, if you intend to solicit them want to see your market research … and figures that prove the potential success of your digital project.

Do you have enough budget to carry out your project?

They are cautious and do not invest on a whim even in highly innovative projects. Often, they want to see part of the project already done before trusting someone who is looking for a helping hand to fund it. It is a way for them to ensure that the project leader is serious, ready to commit to 100% work and that his idea is already generating some interest in the market. This means that to launch the process of creating a workout trainer app, you must have at least a part of the budget at your disposal.

You’re going to ask: but how much does it cost to create a workout trainer app ? It all depends on your project. A mobile workout trainer app can cost 4,000 but also 150,000 euros. To start the project, and impress investors, it is sometimes enough a simple prototype whose price will be lower.

Another important point before moving on to the following question: Before you can estimate the cost of your project, it is necessary to define its most important details, including the business model, design, features, and targeted platforms. Developers must have a global idea of ​​your needs before you can offer a quote.

How is your workout trainer app different from others?

There are millions of workout trainer apps at the market. It’s not easy to differentiate yourself in this vast and dense market. To succeed, some invest in new technologies. But sometimes it is enough to propose an improvement in the service already offered by a competitor. Attention, we are not talking about cloning, but about innovation.

What do you mean by “success”?

In other words, what is the goal you want to achieve with your workout trainer app? In the first point of this article, we talked about the need to identify a need in the market. Now, it’s time to ask yourself how you will monitor and measure your success . There are multiple variables to take into account: the number of users, the revenue generated, the conversion rate, the media visibility … It is important to define these objectives, because it will depend on the marketing strategy of your application.
Do you have a good team to create your workout trainer app?
Ideas, even the most innovative, are useless without capable and motivated people to bring your project to life. Now that you’ve thought about all the most important aspects of creating workout trainer app, comes a crucial moment for the success of your business: looking for a mobile application developer whose expertise, experience and the personality meet your expectations.


Popular workout trainer apps


Do you want to control what you eat, follow a diet and still have an app that stipulates the calories you should consume, besides the physical activities practiced? With MyFitnessPal, you record the foods and beverages you have ingested during the day, the physical activity and the amount of nutrients in the period. This type of workout trainer apps helps you set a goal to lose weight and get started today.


Sworkit is a types of workout trainer apps lets you customize and play exercise videos. You can choose between strength, cardio, yoga or stretching in workouts lasting 5 to 60 minutes. All videos have instructions for you to perform the movements correctly. Unlike other fitness apps that limit workouts until you upgrade, with Sworkit you enjoy all your free workouts. These are combinations of interval workouts and random workouts to maximize the efficiency of each session. Best of all, these random exercises require no extra weights or equipment. The free version of the app works great, with the well-organized and functional interface.

My training

The fitness app My Training is a type of workout trainer apps that is 100% free and was developed in Brazil. It is already present in over 70 countries and, in addition to serving as a training card, has aspects of social networking. You can keep track of what your friends are training and compare the results. The MyTraining app has all the functions for the daily bodybuilding routine. Great for those seeking functional training and HIIT. Trainers receive special accounts with extra features.